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Access Center (VCH)6-4444 
Access Ride880-3970 
Account Information6-0910719 Thompson Lane
Acupuncture3-15543401 West End Av. Ste. 380
Acute Medicine Clinic6-32007000 MCE North Tower
Addiction Treatment VITA2-3886VPH 2nd Floor
Administration Hospital VUH - Pgr. 835-10182-3454AA-1204 MCN
Administrative Coordinator VCH - Pgr. 835-83126-40402401 VCH
Admitting Office (VCH)6-43381024 VCH
Bed Management3-43341024 VCH
Transfer Center6-44441024 VCH
Admitting Office (VUH)3-01791109 VUH
Bed Management3-15101107 VUH

Decedent Affairs - Pgr. 835-1497, Marie Williams

Admitting-Medical Center East





Fax Number



1107 VUH
Financial Counselor2-0675AA1214 MCN 2169
Insurance Management6-12703319 West End
Manager - Marsha Kedigh3-08921110 VUH
Medicare3-99601118 VUH
TennCare - Brenda Phillips3-99611120 VUH
Transfer Center - Marsha Kedigh3-09761110 VUH
Adolsecent Medicine Clinic6-7000719 Thompson Lane
Adolescent Medicine & Behavioral Science6-25558102 DOT
Adoption Clinic6-25558102 DOT
Adult Community Mental Health Center2-20282200 Village @Vanderbilt
Adult Primary Care Center6-21877000 MCE North Tower
AIDS Clinical Trials Group467-0154345 24th Av. South Ste. 105
AIDS Comprehensive Care Center321-9556324 24th Av. South
AIDS Project3-24371601 23rd Av. South
AIDS Research Vanderbilt-Meharry2-6126345 24th Av. South
Airport Shuttle (Jarman D&Q - call for reservation 24 hrs. in advance275-0146 
Alcohol/Drug Outpatient Detoxification Clinic3-47521601 23rd Av. South
Alive Hospice327-10851718 Patterson St.
Allergy Clinic - Adult6-27272611 West End Av.
Allergy, Immunology & Pulmonary Clinic - Pediatric3-76171125 DOT
American Red Cross250-43002201 Charlotte Av.
Anatomical Gift Program2-79483401-B MRB-4
Anesthesiology Critical Care Division3-6268324 Medical Arts Bldg.
Anesthesiology Division6-3779701 Medical Arts Bldg.
Anesthesiology Pediatric Division6-00233115 VCH
Angioplasty for Heart2-09561770 VUH
Angioplasty for Other3-26171145 VUH
Animal Care Division2-2231 
Anthrogram3-26171145 VUH
Anticoagulation Clinic3-38245th Floor South Tower MCE
Appartatus Shop2-2269B-0312 MCN
Arrhythmia Clinic2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Arteriogram for Heart2-09561770 VUH
Arteriogram for Other3-26171145 VUH
Arthritis & Joint Replacement Center3-49894200 MCE South Tower
ASAP6-2727210 West End Av.
Asthma Clinic Adult6-27272611 West End Av.
Asthma Disparities, Meharry/Vanderbilt Center2-4320T-1218 MCN
ATM Machine VUH2nd Fl. VUH @ elevators 
Bank of America, Regions, SunTrust  
ATM Machine VCH2nd Fl. VCH by food court 
Bank of America, First Tennessee  
for maintenance call Tommy Hollinder @ 3-1474  
Audiology Adult6-50409302 MCE South Tower
Autism - Center For Child Development6-02499th Fl. DOT
Autism - Kennedy Center2-8240406 MRL
Auto Service Calls - Good Neighbor Shell298-20791820 21st Av. South
Autonomic Dysfunction2-06385209 MCE South Tower
Autopsy3-91064537 TVC


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Baby of Mine Boutique6-44662nd floor VCH
Balance & Hearing Center2-43277302 MCE South Tower
Barium Enema Outpatient Radiology2-08991630 TVC
Barium Enema Pediatric4-95691st Fl. VCH
Monday thru Friday - 8am to 4:30pm
Bed Management VCH6-43341024 VCH
Bed Management VUH - Laura Clifford3-15101111 VUH
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream VCH6-56892nd Fl. VCH
Monday thru Friday - 11am to 10pm  
Saturday - Noon to 9pm/Sunday - Closed  
Bereavement Counselor - Pgr. 835-1497, Marie Williams3-51651109 VUH
Better Health Center2-31183401 West End Av. Ste. 290
Bill Wilkerson Center6-50006215 MCE South Tower


Bio Med



One Hundred Oaks Clinic

B 350 VUH

Birth Certificates3-88532303 VUH
Blood Bank Adult2-22333115 VUH
Blood Bank Pediatric2-94434603 TVC
Bone Biology Center2-61101235 MRB IV
Bone Density2-25011630 TVC
Bone Marrow Donor Program6-0386808 Oxford House
Bone Marrow Lab3-7753680 PRB
Bone Marrow Transplant6-18032665 TVC
Bone Scan for Adult3-26171145 VUH
Bone Scan for Pediatric6-49381003 VCH
Books from Birth6-35543401 West End, Suite 460W
Bookstore (Barnes & Noble)3-26652525 West End Avenue
BPD Clinic6-25555th Fl. DOT
Brain Institute6-3736U-1205 MCN
Brain Tumor Center3-8898T-4224 MCN
Breast Diagnostic Center2-2064100 Oaks
Breast Feeding Room for Visitors6-0806/2-4861 
Bridges to Care340-0573 
Bridges (hearing impaired translator)615-248-8828 
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Clinic Pediatric3-761711215 DOT
Bronschoscopy - send patient to Admitting3-50367 South VUH
Waiting Room3-65337th Floor VUH
Burn Clinic6-287611233 VUH
Business Office6-0910Billing-One Hundred Oaks Clinic


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Cabs (and Shuttles)  
Checker Cab Co.615-256-7000530 Church St.
Yellow Cab Co.615-256-0101 
Allied Cab Col615-244-7433 
Shuttles to HHH, Natchez Trace HH, RMD House, or Extended Stay6-1215 
VUMC Campus Shuttles - Central Parking6-12151st Fl. East Garage
Cafeteria3-97712707 TVC
Hours - Grill: 6am to 2am / Hot Food: 11am to 2pm & 4:45pm to 8pm 
Cancer Center Clinical Trials6-57952141 Blakemore Avenue
Cancer Center-Franklin591-98902107 Edward Curd Lane
Cancer Center-Cool Springs771-7265324 Cool Springs Blvd.
Cancer Clinic2-60531903 TVC
Card Office - Medical Center ID6-3350D-2107 MCN
Cardiac Cath Lab Pediatric - send patient to 3rd Floor6-0001/6-00023rd Fl. VCH
Waiting Room6-41213rd Floor VCH



Cardiac Cath Lab (Adult)

Cardiac Diagnostic Testing






Critical Care Tower -5th

5209 MCE South Tower

Cardiac Surgery Clinic2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Cardiology Adult2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Cardiology Pediatric2-74475230 DOT
Cardiovascular Medicine2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Cardiovascular MRI6-80001750 TVC
Carotid Doppler Adult3-9613B-817 TVC
Carotid Ultrasound Testing2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Case Management Adult3-7944A-1202 MCN
Case Management Pediatric2-01681025 VCH
Cashier (VUH)2-0115Main Lobby VUH
Center for Better Health2-31183401 West End Av. Ste. 290
Center for Excellence2-87011100 Village @ Vanderbilt
Center for Human Nutrition480-05893401 West End Avenue
Center for Integrative Health3-15543401 West End Av. Ste. 380
Center for Surgical Weight Loss3-8988100 Oaks
Center for Women's Imaging3-31003319 West End Av. Ste. 650
Central Parking  
Shuttle Services6-12151st Fl. East Garage
Valet - Mobile Phone972-18161st Fl. East Garage
Central Supply Adult3-6353B-707 TVC
Central Supply Pediatric3-2320B-505 VCH
Cerebral Palsy3-58751702 TVC
C-FARR Clinic2-6576BB-1111 MCN
Chaplain's Office VUH - Pgr. 835-10103-3535D-2111 MCN
Chaplain's Office VCH - Pgr. 835-10046-62172501 VCH
Routine Referrals VCH6-0425 
Chemotherapy Infusion Room3-2167TVC 2nd Floor
Chest Aspiration Biopsy3-26171145 VUH
Chest Biopsy3-26171145 VUH
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic6-3555 
Child Development Center6-0249DOT 9102
Child Life Playroom Information3-05642nd Floor VCH
Child Life Services6-45752117 VCH
Children's Hospital Development2-74502525 West End Av. Ste. 450
Children's Hospital 1st floor Information Desk6-6166/6-6167 
Cleaning Service SMS3-93505302 MCE South Tower
Clinic Guest Services2-77001801 TVC
Clinical Engineering2-3440B-350 VUH
Clinical Improvement, Center for2-33662135 Blakemore Avenue
Clinical Research Center Pediatric6-79509105 DOT
Clinical Trials Cancer Center3-7975491 PRB
Clinical Trials Group AIDS467-0154345 24th Av. South Ste. 105
Colon and Rectal Surgery Clinic2-50003501 A TVC
Colon Testing2-18811410 TVC
Colonscopy2-18811410 TVC
Community Mental Health Center, Division of2-20282200 VAV
Comprehensive Care Center AIDS875-5111100 Oaks
Computerized Tomography2-65281014 VUH
Congentitial Heart Clinic2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Cookies by Design851-14332267 Gallatin Rd.
Cool Springs Cancer Center771-7265324 Cool Springs Blvd.
Cool Springs Imaging Center771-86682009 Mallory Lane, Franklin
Cool Springs Surgery Center468-27722009 Mallory Lane, Franklin
Cool Springs Rheumatology Clinic764-4450 
Coordinator Administrative VCH - Pgr. 835-83126-40402401 VCH
Contact Lens Center6-14761103 SGOB
Coroner for Metro743-1800850 RS Gass Blvd.
Cosmetic Surgery Center6-2700 
Coumadin Clinic3-30965209 MCE South Tower
Craniofacial Surgery2-23503630 TVC
Credit Union6-0300VUH 1st Floor
Crisis Call Center244-7444201 23rd Av. North
Critical Care Anesthesiology3-6268526 MAB
CT Scan Inpatient3-26171145 VUH
CT Scan Outpatient3-26171145 VUH
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Arts6-12341002 Oxford House
Cumberland Pediatric Foundation6-60531900 Church Street
CVS Pharmacy321-2950426 21st Av. South
Cystic Fibrosis (Adult), Center3-76171301 TVC
Cystic Fibrosis Center Pediatric3-761711215 DOT


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Day Surgery Adult6-6777 
3-7955After 2pm 
Day Surgery Pediatric6-00013rd Fl. VCH
Dayani Center2-47511500 22nd Av. South
Dayani Center Weight Management2-4751108 Dayani Center
Decedent Affairs VUH - Pgr. 835-14973-51651109 VUH
Dentistry, General2-21933300 Village @ Vanderbilt
Dentistry Pediatric2-21933400 Village @ Vanderbilt
Dermatology Clinic2-648526300 OHO
Dermatology Clinic   Franklin615-791-72542179 Edward Curd Lane
Detox Clinic3-47521601 23rd Av. South
Device Clinic2-23185209 MCE South Tower
DHS Office VCH6-43381020 VCH
DHS Office VUH1120 VUH 
Diabetes Clinic Adult3-83328210 MCE South Tower
Diabetes Clinic Pediatric2-78428410 MCE South Tower
Diagnostic Cardiac Testing2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Dialysis Outpatient Center3-36763600 Village @ Vanderbilt
Digestive Disease Center Adult2-01281660 TVC
Digestive Disease Center Pediatric2-79559th Fl. DOT
Directions to Vanderbilt3-4664Recorded message
Disability Services (EAD Department)2-4705110 21st Avenue
DNA Testing1-800-362-2668Billerica, MA
Donor Gift Program ( to donate body)2-7948406 Light Hall
Donor Tennessee Services327-22471600 Hayes St.
Doppler Carotid Adult3-9613B-817 TVC
Doppler Testing Pediatric3-18421st Fl. VCH
Doppler/Duplex Testing2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Down Syndrome Program2-00472416 21st ave suite 300
Downtown Clinic for the Homeless256-0197526 8th Av. South
Driver Training (After spinal injury/storke) Pi Beta Phi Rehab Center6-50409211 South Tower MCE
Drug/Alcohol Outpatient Detoxification Clinic3-47521601 23rd Av. South
Dry Cleaners  
Dry Cleaner USA615-385-58553801 Hillsboro
Village Cleaners383-42642010 Acklen Av.
DVD Check-Out VCH7th Fl. VCH 
Monday thru Friday - 11:30am to 12pm, 4:30pm to 5pm, 7pm to 7:30pm (except Friday) 
Saturday & Sunday - 12am to 12:30pm  


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E-Cards - send an e-card to patients at VCHClick on "Send an E-card"
Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic2-61807209 MCE South Tower
Eating Disorders2-20282200 Village @ Vanderbilt
ECHO Testing2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Echocardiogram for Expectant Mothers3rd Fl. VCH 
Echocardiogram Pediatric6-24811441 TVC
EEG Brain2-0959B-817 TVC
EEG Brain Pediatric6-25559th Fl. DOT
EKG (under 18 years)6-53855th Fl. DOT
EKG Testing Adult2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Emergency Department Adult2-19971110 VUH
Liaison2-01451110 VUH
Nurses' Station2-01601337 VUH
Waiting Room3-8033VUH
Emergency Department Pediatric3-29962200 Children's Way
Waiting Room6-4387 / 6-43881203 VCH
Emergency Prepardness Center3-3189B-0312 MCN
EMG Nerve, Muscle2-0959B-817 TVC
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)6-1327018 Medical Arts Bldg.
Employee Health (Occupational Health Clinic)6-0955640 Medical Arts Bldg.
Employee Relations2-7259 
EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring)Patient reports to adult Admitting Office 
Endocrinology/Diabetes Clinic Adult3-83328210 MCE S. Tower
Endocrinology Pediatric2-74276102 DOT
Endoscopy Lab2-18811649 TVC
Endoscopy Pediatric6-0001/6-00023209 VCH
Enema Barium Adult2-08991630 TVC
Enema Barium Pediatric4-95691st Fl. VCH
ENT Clinic2-61807209 MCE South Tower
Environmental Health & Safety2-6163A-0201 MCN
Environmental Services VCH - Pgr. 835-81056-6195B-322 VCH
For clean up6-8240 
Environmental Services VUH615-818-4199B-409 TVC
EPSY Clinic2-05091200- A TVC
Escort Inpatient  
For patients going to MCEPgr. 835-0888 (Brian) 
For patients going to TVCPgr. 835-0889 (Ben) 
Eskind Biomedical Library6-14102209 Garland Av.
Eskind Pediatric Diabetes Clinic2-78428410 MCE South Tower
Event Monitor Testing2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Evoked Potentials2-0959B-817 TVC
Eye Institute6-20202311 Pierce Av.
Eye Clinic Pediatric6-10342311 Pierce Av.
Excellence, Center of (for Children in State Custody)2-87011100 Village @ Vanderbilt


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Family Resource Center6-25582118 VCH
FedEx Drop Off VCH2nd floor by Food Court 
FedEx Drop Off VUH2nd floor MCE North Tower Lobby 
Feeding & Swallowing Disorders Program2-04669000 MCE North Tower
FEL Center (Free Electron Laser)3-6146410 24th Av. South
Fertility Clinic2-6576BB-1111 MCN
Fetal Echo6-24815230 DOT
Film Library Radiology2-0866TVC-1631
Financial Counselor Admitting2-06751122 VUH
Financial Counselors TVCWalkup1821 TVC
Financial Counselors VMG3-5147 
Flowers & Gifts  
A Village of Flowers369-30301712 21st Av. South
Belle Meade Florist383-43104507 Charlotte Av.
Emma's Flowers & Gifts327-02022410 West End Av.
Flower Mart292-72724002 Hillsboro Pike
Sunshine Shop329-12811912 Church St.
Flying Pig, The6-25582125 VCH
Food Court VCH  
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream6-56892nd Fl. VCH
Monday thru Friday - 11am to 10pm  
Saturday - Noon to 9pm / Sunday - Closed  
Foreign Travel Immunization (International Travel Medicine Clinic)2-26502569 TVC
Franklin Cancer Center (VICC at Franklin)591-98902107 Edward Curd Lane
Free Electron Laser Center3-6146410 24th Av. South
Friends of Children's Hospital2-74502525 West End Av. Ste. 450
Friends Shop6-61852101 VCH


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Gastric Bypass Surgery Clinic2-20632501 TVC
Gastroenterology - GI Clinic (VUH)2-01281660 TVC
Gastroenterology - GI Clinic (VCH)2-74499214 DOT
Gateway-Vanderbilt Cancer Center931-221-0479375 Alfred Thun Rd., Clarksville
General Cardiology Clinic6-19035209 MCE South Tower
General Internal Medicine6-21877000 MCE North Tower
General Surgery Clinic Adult2-20633501 TVC
General Surgery Clinic Pediatric6-10507102 DOT
Genetics, Pediatric Medical6-54756120 DOT
George M. O'Brian Renal Center2-4794S-3223 MCN
GI Endoscopy Lab2-18811649 TVC
GI Procedures Pediatric6-0001/6-00023rd Fl. VCH
Gift Shop  
VCH Mon-Fri 9am-5pm6-61862001 VCH
VUH Mon-Fri 7am - 9pm/S & S 10:30-5pm2-34222102 VUH
Graduate Medical Education2-4916209 Light Hall
Grocers Stores in Vanderbilt Area  
Krogers269-78182201 21st Av. South
Kroger297-75312131 Abbott Martin Rd.
Trader Joe's297-65603909 Hillsboro Pk. (Green Hills)
Whole Foods Market440-51004021 Hillsboro Pk. (Green Hills)
Grounds Plant Operations2-8116 
Guest Services (Internal Office)2-7744B-361 VUH
Gynecology Clinic3-5700719 Thompson Lane
Gynecology/Oncology Clinic6-84221710 TVC


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Krogers Grocery269-78182201 21st Av. South
Head & Neck Surgery2-61807209 MCE South Tower
Headache Clinic6-00603603 TVC
Health Plus3-8943201 25th Av. South
Health Promotion Center2-47511500 22nd Av. South
Health South Nashville Surgery Center329-18881117 Patterson St.
Hearing & Balance Center3-7464MCE South Tower
Heart Failure Clinic2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Heart Station2-06385209 MCE South Tower
Help Desk3-43573-HELP
Hematology Adult6-18032603 TVC
Hematology Oncology6-41136th Fl. VCH
Hemophelia Adult  
Henry-Joyce Cancer Center Clinic6-84221900 TVC
Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplant Department6-0420 
Hillsboro Imaging777-97291909 Acklen Av.
Hillsboro Medical Group6-36363000 Village@Vanderbilt
HIV Vaccine Program2-4673AA-0232 MCN
Toll Free Number1-888-559-4673 
Home Health Care Services6-03362120 Belcourt Av.
Hope Clinic for Women321-00051810 Hayes St.
Hope Lodge342-08402008 Charlotte Av.
Hospice Care (Hospice Care)327-10851718 Patterson St.
Hospital Administration VCH - Pgr. 835-82846-40404040 VCH
Hospital Administration VUH - Pgr. 835-10182-3454AA-1204 MCN
Hospitality Houses  
Hope Lodge342-08402008 Charlotte Av.
Hospital Hospitality House329-0477214 Reidhurst Av.
Natchez Trace Church of Christ297-03872711 Blakemore Av.
Ronald McDonald House3-40002144 Fairfax Av.
Scarritt Bennett Center340-75001008 19th Av. South
Hospitals in Nashville Area  
Centennial Medical Center342-26002300 Patterson St.
Centennial Medical Center Ashland City792-3030313 N. Main St.
Centennial Women's Hospital342-10002221 Murphy Av.
Hendersonville Medical Center264-4000355 New Shackle Island Rd.
Horizon Medical Center Dickson446-0446111 Hwy. 70 E.
Kindred Hospital687-26001414 County Hospital Rd.
Maury Regional Hospital Columbia931-381-11111224 Trotwood Av.
Middle Tennessee Medical Center Murfreesboro849-4100400 N. Highland
Nashville General @ Meharry341-41001818 Albion St.
Nashville Rehab Hospital226-4330610 Gallatin Rd.
Northcrest Medical Center Springfield384-2411100 Northcrest Dr.
Parthenon Pavilion342-14502401 Parman Place
Psychiatry Hospital @ Vanderbilt320-77701601 23rd Av. South
Skyline Medical Center769-46363441 Dickerson Pike
Southern Hills Medical Center781-4111391 Wallace Rd.
St. Thomas Midtown284-52882000 Church St.
St. Thomas West222-21114220 Harding Rd
Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital320-76002201 Capers Av.
Stonecrest Medical Center Smyrna768-2000200 Stonecrest Blvd.
Summitt Medical Center316-30005655 Frist Blvd.
Sumner Regional Medical Center Gallatin452-4210555 Hartsville Pike
Tennessee Christian Medical Center865-0300500 Hospital Dr.
Tennessee Christian Medical Center Portland325-7301105 Redbud Dr.
University Medical Center Lebanon444-82621411 W. Baddour Pkwy.
Veteran's Administration Hospital327-47511310 24th Av. South
Williamson Medical Center Franklin791-05002021 Carothers Rd.
Extended Stay America Hotel383-74903311 West End Ave.
Guest House Inn and Suites329-10001909 Hayes St.
Holiday Inn327-47072613 West End Ave.
Human Genetics Research, Center for3-5851519 Light Hall
Human Nutrition, Center for6-1288514 Medical Arts Bldg.
Human Resources2-83002525 West End Av.
Hypertension Clinic2-33532501 TVC


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ID for Employees6-3350S-2311 MCN
Imaging Center for Women3-31003319 West End Av. Ste. 650
Imaging Science Institute2-8359AA-1105 MCN
Immunizations for Overseas Travel (International Travel Clinic)6-11742569 TVC
Immunology Pediatric2-43975th Fl. DOT
Infection Control & Prevention6-0725B-145 VUH
Infectious Disease Adult6-1174MAB 102
Infectious Disease Pediatric6-54756th Fl. DOT
Information Management2-2115B-227 VUH
Infusion Clinic3-21672900 TVC
Ingram Cancer Center6-1782691 PRB
In House School Teacher3-4299 
Inpatient CT Scan3-26171145 VUH
Inpatient Dialysis2-091210 South VUH
Inpatient X-Ray3-26171145 VUH
Institute of Imaging Science2-8359AA-1105 MCN
Insurance Management6-12703319 West End Avenue
Integrative Health, Center for3-15543401 West End Av.
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Brentwood371-1619782 Old Hickory Blvd. Brentwood
Internal Medicine & Pediatric Practice6-21877000 MCE North Tower
Residence's Clinic3-47113900 TVC
International Adoption Clinic6-68009102 DOT
International Travel Medicine Clinic2-26502569 TVC
Interpretive Services2-7378B-324 VUH
Interventional Pain Clinic2-431122209 OHO
Interventional Radiology3-2617900-A VUH


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Joint Replacement Center3-49894200 MCE South Tower
Junior League Home2-09232200 Children's Way
Junior League Family Resource Center6-25582125 VCH


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Kennedy Center2-8240406 MRL
Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Program6-0695912 Oxford House
Surgical Appointments2-20633501 TVC
Kidney Scan3-26171145 VUH
Kidney Transplant2-47522501 TVC
Kroger Grocers297-75312131 Abbott Martin Rd.
Kroger Pharmacy297-44312131 Abbott Martin Rd.


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Labor & Delivery2-22554th Fl. VUH
Main Lab - for blood work3-91631601 TVC
Pediatric - for blood work6-54626th Fl. DOT
Results3-91554605 TVC
Specimen Receiving3-91554607 TVC
Lactation Office6-14144151 MCE North Tower
Language Line615-322-7378Client ID 27-3007
Laser Sight Center6-35362311 Pierce Av.
Laundry Facilities for VCHAvailable on each unit, see nurse 
Life/Work Connection - EAP6-1327018 Medical Arts Bldg.
Light Therapy6-0858608 Medical Arts Bldg.
Linen Services  
Lion's Eye Bank6-1034 
Lipid Clinic2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Liver Procedure3-26171145 VUH
Liver Transplant


2501-A TVC
Lung Transplant6-0393B-817 TVC
Lupus Clinic2-47522501 TVC


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Make-A-Wish3-7773B-320 VCH
Breast Center2-20642500 OHO
Cool Springs Imaging771-86682009 Mallory Lane
Hillsboro Imaging777-97291909 Acklen Av.
Mammogram Screenings2-20641630 TVC
Manager Admitting Office3-08921110 VUH
University Pediatrics6-3939Thompson Lane
Medical Center ID Card Office6-3350D-2107 MCN
Medical Center Support Services3-2320B-705 TVC
Medical Examiner Metro743-1800850 RS Gass Blvd.
Medical Examiner Metro Weekends1-800-205-0146 
Medical Information Systems VUH2-3398 / 23633VUH 2303
Birth Certificates - Pgr. 835-0775, Gloria3-8853VUH 2303
Release of Medical Records M - F 8am to 5pm2-2062 
Fax Number 615-343-0126  
Medical Library936-14012209 Garland Av.
Medical Payroll3-6606974 Baker Bldg.
Medical Procurement2-5654570 Crystal Terrace
Medical Purchasing2-5654570 Crystal Terrace
Medical Information Services VUH & VCH (formerly Medical Records)2-33982303 VUH 1007 VCH
MIS Fax Number615-343-0126 
Release of Medical Record2-2062 
Medical Weight Loss2-6000 
Medicare3-99601118 VUH
Medicine Acute Clinic6-32007000 MCE North Tower
Medicine Department2-3384D-3100 MCN
Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance6-43201919 Charlotte Av. Ste. 300
Mental Health Center2-2028 
Midwife Center6-58582611 West End Av. Ste. 380
Military Flights Home with Red Cross272-7337 
MOHS Center3-1999OHO
Morgue3-91074537 TVC
MRI Adult3-2617VUH-1145
MRI Cardiovascular6-56941750 TVC
MRI Pediatric3-1842VCH
MRI Radiology Check-In2-6311B-802 TVC
MS Clinic3-1176OHO
MTA (Bus Line)862-5950130 Nestor St.
Multiple Sclerosis Clinic963-40412201 Children's Way Rm. 1222
Multispecialty Dental Group2-21933300 Village @ Vanderbilt
Muscular Dystrophy6-00603930 TVC
My Health @ Vanderbilt2-7700 
Mylogram3-26171145 VUH



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Nashville Cares259-4866633 Thompson Lane
Nashville Surgery Center329-18881717 Patterson St.
Natchez Trace Church of Christ Hospitality House297-03872711 Blakemore Av.
Neonatal Emergency Transport Cherub & Angel2-2275 
Nephrology Clinic Adult3-75922501 TVC
Nephrology Clinic Pediatric2-741610102 DOT
Neurodiagnostics2-0959B-817 TVC
Neurology Adult Clinic6-00601500 21st Avenue S.
Neurology Clinic Pediatric2-68759102 DOT
Neuromuscular/Sleep/Epilepsy Clinic2-7246B-1053 PRB
Neurosurgery Clinic Adult2-74171506 Village @ Vanderbilt
Neurosurgery Clinic Pediatric9226 DOT 
Newborn Nursery936-08384109 MCE
News & Public Affairs - Medical Center2-4747D-3237A MCN
Notary Public2-8008Patient Relations will provide contact to staff
Nuclear Medicine Scheduling3-26171145 VUH
Nuclear Testing Heart2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Nuclear Treadmill3-26171145 VUH
Nurse Recruitment2-21161516 Village @ Vanderbilt
Nutrition Clinic Adult6-3952607 Medical Arts Bldg.
Nutrition Services VCH6-4780 
Nutrition Services VUH2-0062B-802 TVC


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Obstetrics Clinic3-5700OHO
Occupational Health Clinic6-0955640 Medical Arts Bldg.
Odess Clinic2-61807209 MCE South Tower
One Hundred Oaks  
Level 1 Information Desk6-7756 
Level 2 Information Desk6-6050 
Oncology Adult2-60531903 TVC
Oncology Pediatric6-17626th Fl. VCH
Ophthalmology6-20202311 Pierce Av.
Opportunity Development Center2-4705108/808 Baker Bldg.
Optical Center6-13402311 Pierce Av.
Oral Surgery2-23773501-A TVC
Organ Donor Tennessee Services877-552-50501600 Hayes St.
Orthodonic Center3-06331500 21st Avenue S.
Orthopaedic Fitness Center2-45403200 MCE South Tower
Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle3-16004200 MCE South Tower
Orthopaedic Oncology3-86124200 MCE South Tower
Orthopaedics Adult6-33914200 MCE South Tower
Orthopaedics FEL2-1822410 24th Av. South
Otolaryngology, Bill Wilkerson Center for2-7267 
Orthopaedic Clinic Pediatric3-58754202 DOT
Otolaryngology Clinic2-61807209 MCE South Tower
Our Kids Center341-49111804 Hayes St.
Outpatient CT Scan3-26171145 VUH
Outpatient Dialysis3-36763600 Village @ Vanderbilt
Outpatient X-Ray2-25011630 TVC


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PAC Walk-In Clinic6-25128th Fl. DOT
Heart Institute2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Pain Clinic Adult2-43112501 TVC
Pain Clinic Pediatric6-18403rd Fl. DOT
Pardue's Pharmacy327-13501900 Patterson St.
Pastoral Services VCH - Pgr. 835-10046-04252501 VCH
Pastoral Services VUH - Pgr. 835-10103-3535D-2111 MCN
PATCH Clinic6-40393103 VCH
Pathology Laboratory Services2-48444605 TVC
Patient Accounting6-0899719 Thompson Lane
Patient Lab (Blood Drawing)1601 TVC 
Patient Registration2-6972AA 3208 MCN
Patient Relations2-80081817 TVC
Patient Transport VCH818-4432 
Patient Transport Inpatient2-0830B-705 TVC
Patient Transport Outpatient4-6179 
Payroll Medical3-6606974 Baker Bldg.
Pediatric Admitting Office6-4338B318 VCH
Pediatric Anesthesiology6-00233115 VCH
Pediatric Appointments6-25555th Fl. MCE North Tower
Pediatric Asthma Center3-761711205 DOT
Pediatric Bed Management6-43341024 VUH
Pediatric Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Clinic346-761711205 DOT
Pediatric Cardiac Cath Lab - send patient to 3rd floor6-0001/6-00023rd Fl. VCH
Waiting Room6-41213rd Fl. VCH
Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Center3-761711215 DOT
Pediatric Diabetes Clinic2-78428410 MCE South Tower
Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic2-74276102 DOT
Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic2-74499214 DOT
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Clinic6-41146th Fl. DOT Ste. C
Pediatric Immunology Clinic3-7617719 Thompson Lane
Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic2-22506102 DOT
Pediatric Nephrology Clinic2-741610102 DOT
Pediatric Neurology Clinic6-55369301 DOT
Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinic2-68759102 DOT
Pediatric Orthopaedic Clinic3-58754202 DOT
Pediatric Pain Clinic6-35533103 VCH
Pediatric Primary Care Clinic6-2555 
Pediatric Residency Program 8161 DOT
Pediatric Sleep Disorder Program340-5216 
Pediatric Surgery Clinic6-10507102 DOT
Pediatric Sweat Test Lab6-29945th Floor DOT
Pediatric Transfer Center6-44441024 VUH
PET3-75121251 RRB
Pharmacies @ Vanderbilt  
Central Office2-2374B-131 VUH
MCE6-10402nd Fl. Medical Center East
TVC2-64801815 TVC
Sample6-11261215 21st Avenue S., Suite1006
VCH6-63372nd Fl. VCH
VCH Inpatient2-07084501 VCH
Pharmacies in Vanderbilt Area  
St. Thomas Midtown Pharmacy284-59402010 Church St.
CVS Pharmacy321-2590426 21st Av. South
Kroger Pharmacy297-44312131 Abbott Martin Rd.
Pardue's Pharmacy327-13501900 Patterson St.
Rite-Aid Pharmacy321-45052416 West End Av.

Walgreen's Pharmacy

Physical Therapy-Occupational (Adult Outpatient)



3010 West End Av.

3200 TVC

Physician Referral2-30001801 TVC
Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation6-50409211 MCE South Tower
driver's training after stroke or spinal injury  
Pizza Hut VCH6-49812nd Fl. VCH
Plant Services3-4443B-0312 MNC
Plastic Surgery Clinic2-23503701 TVC
Plastic Surgery Pediatric Clinic6-78209 DOT
Playroom Information3-05642nd Fl. VCH
POBS6-44301st Fl. VCH by ER
POBS Waiting Room6-43881st Fl. VCH by ER
Poison Control - also 1-800-222-12226-0760501 Oxford House
Post Office Medical Center Station 172-8761B-0107 MCN
Pre-Operative Evaluation Adult3-22302810 TVC
Pre-Operative Evaluation Pediatric6-40393rd Fl. VCH
Procurement Medical2-5654B-706 TVC
Project Opportunity - Make-A-Wish3-7773B-320 VCH
Prosthetic Clinic4-3437 
Psychiatry Adolescent Outpatient Clinic327-70091601 23rd Av. South
Psychiatry Adult2-20282200 Village @ Vanderbilt
Psychiatric Hospital @ Vanderbilt320-77701601 23rd Av. South
Pulmonary Function Lab2-0621B-817 TVC



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Radiation Oncology2-2555B-1003 PRB
Radiation Oncology Center Franklin591-98902107 Edward Curd Ln. Franklin
Radiation Oncology Gateway Cancer Center931-221-0479375 Alfred Thun Rd. Clarksville
Radiology VCH3-18421st Fl. VCH
Radiology VUH3-26171145 VUH
Radiology Inpatient3-26171145 VUH
Radiology Interventional2-08801085 VUH
Radiology Outpatient2-25011630 TVC
Radiology Recovery2-0880VUH
Red Cross250-43002201 Charlotte Av.
Stallworth320-76002201 Children's Way
Pediatric3-6445719 Thompson Lane Ste. 21000
Reproductive Women's Health Center2-4196B-1100 MCN
Respiratory Care VCH6-4349B-305 VCH
Respiratory Care VUH2-0984B-323 VUH
Rheumatology Adult Clinic2-19002501 TVC
Rheumatology, Cool Springs764-4450 
Rheumatology Pediatric2-43976102 DOT
Ride Access880-3970 
Risk Management6-06602100 WEA, Suite 700
Ronald McDonald Family Waiting Room6-48225th Floor VCH, PCICU/PICU
Ronald McDonald House3-40002144 Fairfax Av.



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Safety Central Store Floor VCH, Family Resource Center
Satellink Beeper System2-6477Lobby MCN
School Teacher for Inpatients VCH3-4299 
Seating & Mobility Services Adult6-50429211 MCE North Tower
Seating & Mobility Services Pediatric3-6455 
Emergency - Public Safety911 (or 1-1911) 
STAT Emergency1-1111 
Guest Services On-Call835-5017 
Administrator On-CallDial 0, ask for AOC 
Vandy Vans/Walking Escorts1-8888 
VUPD Dispatch (Non-Emergency)2-2745 
VUPD in VUH ED3-5345 
VUPD in VCH ED6-4346 
VUPD Lost & Found3-5371 
SER SSEP2-0959B-817 TVC
Shuttles (and Cabs)  
Shuttles to HHH, Natchez Trace HH, RMD House, or Ext. Stay6-1215 
VUMC Campus Shuttles - Central Parking6-12151st Fl. East Garage
Checker Cab Co.256-7000530 Church St.
Metro Cab Co.365-3434 
Yellow Cab Co.256-0101 
Sibling Playroom - 18 Months to 14 Years6-44622nd Fl. VCH
Monday-Thusday -- 10am-12pm, 2pm-4pm, 6pm-8pm  
Friday -- 10am-12pm, 2pm-4pm  
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays -- 11am-2pm  
Sickle Cell Anemia6-17626th Fl. VUH
Sinus Clinic6-27272611 West End Av.
Sleep Clinic Pediatric3-58883930 TVC (Dr. Cuevas)
Sleep Disorders Center3-58882555 West End Av. Ste. 531
Sleep Disorders Program Pediatric340-52163930 TVC
Sleep Disorders Clinic6-0060A-0118 MCN
SMS Cleaning Service3-93505302 MCE South Tower
Social Services - Pediatric6-21131025 VCH
Speech Pathology - Adult2-51529211 MCE South Tower
Speech Pathology - Pediatric2-04666290 MCE South Tower

Spine Clinic
Spine Center at OHO


Spina Bifida
(Meets 2nd and 4th Monday of month)



4200 MCE South Tower
OHO-suite 23108

VCH -DOT-6th floor

Sports Medicine Center

St. Thomas Pharmacy



4200 MCE South Tower

2010 Church St.

Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital320-76002201 Children's Way
Stem Cell Biology6-83279465 MRB IV
Stem Cell Transplant6-04752665 TVC
Stem Cell Pediatric6-39626th Fl. DOT
Subway VCH6-47782314 VCH
Monday thru Friday - 9am to Midnight  
Saturday & Sunday - 9am to 10pm  
Surgery Children's Hospital6-10507102 DOT
Surgery Clinic Adult2-2063D-5203 MCN
Surgery Clinic Pediatric6-10504102 DOT
Surgery Waiting Area VCH6-4019, 6-40203rd Fl. VCH
Surgical Weight Loss Clinic3-898822200 OHO
Suzie's Coffee  
MCN - 7am to 4pm, Monday - Friday2-42811st Fl. Lobby
TVC - 6:30am to 5pm, Monday - Friday2-51862nd Fl.
VCH - 6:30am to 5pm Monday - Friday6-49832324 VCH
VUH - 7am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday2-17671st Fl. Lobby
Swallow Clinic Adult3-14418th Fl. MCE South Tower
Swallow Clinic Pediatric2-04666209 MCE, South Tower
Sweat Lab6-29945th Floor DOT


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Checker Cab256-7000530 Church St.
Yellow Cab256-0101 
Telephone Repair1-1611 
TennCare Transportation1-800-342-3145 
Tennessee Lions Eye Center6-10342311 Pierce Av.
Tennessee Poison Center6-0760501 Oxford House
Thoracic Surgery2-0064609 Oxford House
Transfer Center VCH3-0976 
Transfer Center VUH5-4000B-142 VUH
Transplant Center6-0388801 Oxford House
Traffic & Parking2-2554Wesley Place Garage
Train Repair at VCH2-4962Contact - John Sparks
Transfer Center Pediatric6-44441024 VUH
Transport Main Dispatch3-1000 
Transport Inpatient 818-44323-6347B-705 TVC
Transport Outpatient MCE 835-0888  
TVC 835-0890  
TVC 835-0889  
Transportation for the Homeless862-7900526 8th Av. South
Travel Clinic615-936-1174134 Pewitt, Brentwood, TN 37027  suite 200
TVC 3rd floor Surgery Recovery Room3-9591 
TVC 3rd floor Surgery Holding3-7955 
TVC 3rd floor Surgery Admitting2-00113501 TVC
TVC 3rd floor Surgery Waiting Room3-5785 



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Urology Adult Clinic2-28803800 TVC
Urology Pediatric6-10604102 DOT

Utilization Review 3-8300


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Vanderbilt Brain Institute6-3736U-1205 MCN
Vanderbilt Center for Better Health2-31183401 West End Av. Ste. 290
Vanderbilt Center for Women's Imaging3-31003319 West End Av. Ste. 650
Vanderbilt Dermatology Franklin615-791-72542179 Edward Curd Lane, Franklin, TN
Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic3-83328210 MCE South Tower
Vanderbilt Eye Institute6-20202311 Pierce Av.
Vanderbilt Heart & Vascular Institute2-23185209 MCE South Tower
Vanderbilt Medical Group-Cool Springs771-75802009 Mallory Ln. Ste. 100
Vanderbilt Medical Group-Franklin (Covey Dr.)791-0710100 Covey Dr. Ste. 303
Vanderbilt Medical Group-Franklin (Murfreesboro Rd)791-7373919 Murfreesboro Rd.
Vanderbilt Medical Group-Spring Hill302-11113098 Campbell Station Pkwy.
Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital615-320-77701601 23rd Ave S, Nsh 37212


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Walgreen Pharmacy269-98813010 West End Av.
Weight Loss Center5-056922200 OHO
Weight Management Dayani Center2-4751108 Dayani Center
Western Union  
Piggly Wiggly327-41872900 West End Av.
ride purple shuttle to 2525 building, cross West End and walk left 4 blocks
Harris Teeter269-78182201 21st Av. South
Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Services Adult6-5042Suite 9211 9th floor Medical Center East
Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Services Pediatric3-3452 
Wilkerson Speech & Hearing Center6-50006215 MCE South Tower
Women's Imaging Center3-31003319 West End Av. Ste. 650
Women's Reproductive Health Center2-4196B-1100 MCN
Work/Life Connection - EAP6-1327018 Medical Arts Bldg.
Wound Clinic2-20633501 TVC


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